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Paige Gales - Owner / Coach

About Me: As far back as I can remember, cheerleading has always been a part of my life.  My story actually begins when I attempted to play other sports.  I sit here laughing  as I write this because I don't think there has been a soccer or softball coach that I had during childhood that hasn't told me “maybe you should consider being a cheerleader, Paige.”  I was always cheering in my living room, and watching the cheer competitions on TV. Growing up in a small town the opportunities for cheer were limited; with that said, it did not diminish the experience for me.  My first cheer memories began when I was 12 with CYO Cheerleading for St. Anthony’s and St. Ambrose Church here in Binghamton NY. I had a late start with cheer, and I was not as skilled as the other athletes on my teams.  I knew if I ever wanted to cheer in High School I was going to have to really work hard and build the skills necessary to train alongside the other athletes.  Unfortunately, I had disappointments, but I used these setbacks as motivation to harness my work ethic. I knew that time, work, and lots of practice is what I needed. I sought help from my former CYO teammates that were now JV U-E cheerleaders and friends who were experienced athletes and trained for two years.  As a result of my work ethic and the leadership skills of others, I eventually made U-E Varsity and the rest is history. Since High School, I have coached CYO Cheer and I have assisted with Youth Cheer Programs through the years.  I always said that my daughter Mia and her love of cheer are my inspirations behind Top Flight All Stars, when in actuality it is my story and journey that is.  I know what it takes to be a competitive athlete because I eventually became one. I know what it takes to be a leader because cheer was a stepping stone for me to become one.  I know what it takes to build a successful program and that is a coach who is skilled enough to take us there. I hired one.   I am so proud of our athletes, their growth, and what they have accomplished. I can confidently say that the program Sami Wyatt and I have built and the cheer family that we have is a strong one.  I am excited about what the future holds for TFA.  It started out with one dream, it became one team, and this season we became one family. 

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Sami Wyatt - Head Coach/ Manager

About Me: Cheerleading has been apart of my life since I can remember! From starting my cheerleading journey in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then taking it to Nashville, Tennessee, Dallas, Texas, and lastly upstate NY! I have cheered at all levels including youth, All-Star, highschool, and collegiate! I worked for NCA (National Cheerleaders Association) for 5 years and taught camps all over the North East. I have also worked at the Cheerleading Worlds and Summit in Orlando, Florida. I was featured on the front cover of the NCA 2017 Spiritboook, other NCA marketing materials, and in the American Cheerleader magazine! I love being able to share my knowledge and experiences with these athletes! There is enormous talent in this area. Paige and I can't wait to show the North East the talent these athletes have!

Years of Competitive Cheerleading: 15

Years of Coaching: 12

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