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 Elite U17 Level 3 SWAT

From the very first practice of the season, these ladies had one goal; get a bid to the ASW and make it to finals. We are a small program and going against some of the largest programs and teams in the industry, is no easy task.

Throughout the season, they faced challenges like every team and program does. Regardless, they didn’t let obstacles stand in their way. They overcame the obstacles together; this is a team, a sisterhood and a family and boy do they all talk it out as one, as it should be.


This group of 14 amazingly talented athletes have us bragging up a storm, we could not be more proud. Our Senior SWAT ladies:

- Finished their regional season undefeated

- Recieved less than 1.75 in deductions the ENTIRE SEASON

- Not one stunt or pyramid fell at any competition

- Received perfect scores in 6 categories at the Allstar Worlds

- One of two teams on day 1 at ASW to hit a perfect, 0 deduction routine


After moving up 3 places and improving their overall score by 2 WHOLE points in finals at The Open Allstar Worlds, these SWAT ladies are finishing out their season 11th place in the world, in an incredibly competitive division.

We couldn’t be more proud of this special group of girls and can’t thank our friends and families enough who supported them along the way. As much as we didn’t want this season to come to an end, we are more motivated than ever and can’t wait to see what this next season has in store for Top Flight All Stars.

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