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 Elite Level 2 Jr. Colonels

When we received a bid to The Youth All Star Worlds in Orlando, FL, we didn’t know what to expect but we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task. We set the goal early on in the season to make it to day 2. As a one team program, this is pretty unheard of. These girls were determined right off the start.


After we received the division listing a few weeks prior and realized they were in the biggest division of the competition with 100 teams which included some of the biggest gyms in the country, that goal seemed unobtainable, but that didn’t stop them. After long practices of routine breakdowns and cleanups and focusing on every little detail, we knew these girls were ready.


None of these athletes had ever competed at a competition of this stature, and if you have, you know how incredibly nerve-racking it is. A huge stage, blinding lights and a panel of judges sitting above you, watching your every motion. What’s different about our junior Colonels? They THRIVE in this kind of environment. They were made for this stage.


After a flawless prelim routine and hitting 0, they left it in the judges' hands. After receiving a 93.8, the highest score they’ve received all season, we were hoping it would be just high enough… and boy was it. Out of 100 teams, these girls finished 17th coming out of prelims! The moment they announced “Top Flight All Stars” for finals was surreal. A moment these athletes, coaches and families will never forget. Regardless of what happened in finals, we were already on top of the World!


If you know anything about all star cheerleading, hitting 2 clean routines, 2 days in a row is no easy task but there weren’t any doubts in their minds that they could do it. These girls faced the finals stage head-on and put out yet ANOTHER HIT ROUTINE. We were speechless. These 19 athletes had something to prove and they left their mark on the 2022 Youth All Star Worlds.


To our 19 families, thank you for the dedication and trust you had in us this season with your athlete. We knew this wasn’t going to be easy.


To our 19 incredible athletes, thank you. Thank you for your dedication to this team, your drive, your compassion and respect for one another and most of all, your love for the sport. You certainly put the 607 on the map! We couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you. We are honored to be your coaches.


We would like to present to you our 21-22 Junior Colonels, your 22nd Junior 2 team in the WORLD ❤️🤍🖤🌏

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